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Volunteers Needed

We are a non-profit organization and are constantly looking for volunteers to help with the organization.  If you are interested in contributing even some of your time and/or skills, please look @ the list below.
If anything appeals to ya', call:
Joe @ 708.478.5004 (work) or 708.755.7622 (home).  You can also send 'em an email at:

Engaged Encounter Chicago
(Marriage Preparation weekend)

Team presenting couples
Prayer couples

Saturday setup
Saturday greeters

Sunday tear down for the weekend

Those interested in helping with media publicity-parish,radio,TV,newspapers

Mailing and follow-up letters
Phone Calls

Web updates and computer work!!!!

Coordinating get- togethers
Creating print or email newsletters

Any & All of the above for those Speaking Spanish or Bilingual

Cooking and serving one or more meals

For all those wanting to help marriages last a lifetime!

Commitment flexible.

call Terri and Joe Schulte at 708-755-7622 or email

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